SKU: K27029



  • a fresh, aromatic fragrance enriched with Mediterranean oil extracts
  • leaves behind an instant feeling of freshness and wellbeing
  • to be sprayed liberally over the body during the day
A concentrate of pure essential oils guaranteeing freshness and dynamism while moisturizing and toning the skin. Extracts of ginseng and ginkgo biloba give tone and compactness to the skin tissues while, through the sense of smell, the essential oils have a positive effect on the psyche, regenerating the mind and eliminating stress. Refined, fresh and unisex, its tangy bouquet lingers delicately on the skin, delighting the wearer with its long-lasting and stimulating fragrance. Indispensable for eliminating fatigue and fighting stress, it is ideal applied to the wrists and temples for a quick charge of vitality and freshness
You can also use the perfume on your hair: spray it on a brush or comb, let the alcohol evaporate, then after you brush your hair, it will have a wonderful fragrance!
Spray over body or apply to the wrists and temples only for an instant sensation of freshness and wellbeing.