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Hyper-sensitive skins spray with aloe milk

Hyper-sensitive skins spray with aloe milk


An environmentally-friendly spray without propellants, designed especially for fragile and reactive skin. Formulated without alcohol, perfumes or parabens, it minimizes the risk of intolerances and guarantees the long-lasting deodorising effectiveness of a super-tested antibacterial active principle, moisturizing and nourishing effectiveness of a blend of oils and glycerine, ultra-soothing, refreshing and softening effectiveness of aloe milk and chamomile extract. The special milky, impalpable and ultra-delicate texture of the product is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin exceptionally soft and giving an immediate and persistent sensation of freshness and comfort.

Anti-perspirant. Do not use on sore or broken skin.

SKU: K25112

Format: 100 ml

Anti-perspiration, with no parabens or perfume.
Apply the product daily to clean and dry skin.

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(Hyper-sensitive skins spray with aloe milk)

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