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  • concentrated drops
  • gradually exfoliates, speeds up skin cell turnover
  • revitalized, smooth skin.
Extracted from sugar cane, glycolic acid is the ingredient most commonly used by dermatologists for peeling treatments. This alpha hydroxy acid frees the surface of the skin from the “dead cells” which prevent it from breathing and slow down cell turnover. Actions: To make the treatment as effective, tolerable and safe as possible, Collistar Researchers have fine-tuned the glycolic acid concentration and pH and added two more alpha hydroxy acids (mandelic and gluconic acid) to complete and hone the effects. Developed for daily use, it acts an effective, gradual, non-aggressive peeling which renews the skin and helps restore it to perfection.
Massage several drops gently into perfectly cleansed face and neck once a day (preferably at night), avoiding the eye and lip area. For guaranteed, long-lasting results, complete a whole cycle of treatment by applying the product for 4 consecutive weeks (the same length as the skin’s renewal process). Treatment can be repeated several times a year, leaving at least one month between each cycle. We recommend using the other products in the PURE ACTIVES line between treatment cycles. Caution • Avoid exposure to the sun or tanning lamps during treatment and for a week thereafter. • Not suitable for sensitive, reactive or couperose skin. • Do not use on irritated or broken skin.