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Energizing Talasso-Scrub 300 g + Talasso-Scrub Shampoo 250 ml KIT

A must-have limited edition set that contains an exclusive pair of specialties: Energizing Talasso-Scrub Body 300 g + Talasso-Scrub Shampoo Hair 250 ml For an energizing detox effect from head to toe!ENERGIZING TALASSO-SCRUB revitalizing exfoliating salts with essential oilsAn inimitable specialty that uses the benefits of the sea (thalassotherapy) and of the purest essential oils (aromatherapy) to regenerate and revitalize the skin And at the same time it provides an instant feeling of vitality and energy. Its secret is an exclusive mix of 90 types of sea salt combined with a rich blend of supernourishing oils and energizing essential oils, When massaged over the body before showering, it smooths the skin and prepares it for subsequent treatments. 300 gDETOX-EFFECT HEALTHY SCALP TALASSO-SCRUB SHAMPOO The first Talasso-Scrub specifically for hair.Much more than a normal shampoo or simple scrub: Talasso-Scrub Shampoo is a genuine health and beauty treatment for hair and scalp. A healthy scalp is a must for hair to be healthy, strong and bright. This treatment works on every aspect of the hair and scalp to totally regenerate them. It detoxes, revitalizes and rebalances with an exclusive formula containing sea salts, plant oils and extracts, and soothing and hydrating ingredients. Carefully selected sea salts with different-sized grains have a targeted exfoliating effect that detoxes the scalp and hair, removing impurities, dead cells and any remaining dye. The sea salts are packed with trace elements and also have an effective revitalizing and rebalancing action. When massaged over the scalp, the shampoo also reactivates capillary microcirculation, stimulating the hair bulb and helping the formula's precious active ingredients penetrate. Suitable for all hair types, it is essential after hair has been dyed or chemically treated. 250 ml.

SKU: K29293

Format: 300 g+250ml

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Energizing Talasso-Scrub 300 g + Talasso-Scrub Shampoo 250 ml KIT

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