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new formula


Specifically formulated for men, this cream eliminates unwanted hair perfectly without irritating the skin or altering its natural balances. Simple and easy to use, it acts gently and effectively in just a few minutes and is suitable for all parts of the body (legs, arms, chest, back, armpits).

Thanks to the addition of moisturising, soothing and emollient substances, it leaves the skin soft and is suitable also for delicate skin. Its special formula slows down the growth of the hair, lengthening the intervals between depilation sessions.

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Format: 200 ml


A depilatory cream with emollient formula, which removes hair in minutes from the legs, arms, chest, back and armpits, retarding regrowth

Apply the cream with the spatula, completely covering the hair. Leave to act for 4-6 minutes and remove the product with the spatula. If the part is still not free of hair, leave to act for a little longer (but not more than 8 minutes) before completely removing the cream. Rinse and dry without rubbing.Warnings • Follow the instructions. • If using the depilatory cream for the first time check your tolerability of the product first by applying a small quantity to a leg or arm and leaving it to act for about ten minutes before rinsing, in case of irritation suspend the depilation and rinse well with cool water. • Do not apply the product to irritated skin or on cut. • In case of burning during application rinse off the product with cool water. • Do not exceed the application time limit (8 minutes). • Avoid using deodorants and alcohol- based products on the treated parts for a few hours after hair removal. • Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. • Keep out of reach of children. • Contains thioglycolate.

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