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  • Immediate and long-lasting lifting effect
  • Recompacts, restructures, Boosted anti-age effect
  • Boosted antioxidant, brightening, evening effect
  • Nourishes and hydrates
  • Particularly recommended for inner arms, inner thighs, knees and décolleté
  • Smoothing, melting, sensory texture
  • From Collistar Clean Research®, a triple-effect, all-round treatment for the main signs of ageing in the body - slackened tissues, lost firmness and uneven skin tone - particularly for the inner arms, inner thighs, knees and décolleté. Thanks to its boosted formula, it smooths, recompacts, revitalizes and brightens the skin, leaving it visibly more even and delivering a powerful antioxidant effect. For a high-definition body. Instant and long-lasting lifting effect Tens-Activ, a plant-based complex, envelops the body in a 3D matrix, creating an invisible tensor mesh with an instant lifting effect. Over time it delivers a regenerating, revitalizing, anti-age action. Boosted anti-age effect Exclusive Lift HD Body Complex combines a bioactive tetrapeptide with a powerful sustainable microalgae extract to reboot dermal-epidermal activity, increase the production of fibroblasts and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, restoring the firmness and elasticity typical of young skin. Boosted antioxidant, brightening and evening effect Collistar Clean Research® has also added Hyper-Fermented Italian Rice to the formula. Sustainable since it is a by-product of rice grown in the Po Valley, it undergoes an innovative, patented process to increase its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and brightening effect by 20%. Papain gently exfoliates the skin to speed up cell turnover, perfects its texture and minimizes imperfections, leaving it smoother and brighter; Ethyl Ascorbic Acid - a next-generation form of Vitamin C - protects the epidermis from the harmful effects of free radicals, prevents melanogenesis and stimulates collagen production. With its enveloping fragrance and melting, sensory texture, the non-oily cream nourishes and hydrates skin deep-down thanks to hyaluronic acid, argan and jojoba oils. For all skin types, including sensitive; ideal for slackened tissues, fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Results As soon as it’s applied, the cream leaves skin smooth, polished, soft and hydrated. With continued treatment, skin texture is restructured and uniform, the epidermis becomes firmer and more elastic, and critical areas appear more toned and colour more even. For a younger, rejuvenated body.
    Apply the cream to the body with a light massage to aid absorption.




    regenerating exfoliating salts withessential oils, orange blossom and Sicilian citrus fruits