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A fantastic kit for perfect hair containing MAGIC ROOT CONCEALER and FREE GIFT HIGHLIGHTING LONG-LASTING COLOUR SHAMPOO 100 ml. Specialties that strengthen the hair structure and protect colour, bringing out its shine and making it last longer. MAGIC ROOT CONCEALER COLOUR SPRAY In just 1 minute it disguises roots, camouflaging them perfectly and ensuring impeccable hair between colour treatments. Bright and long-lasting colour thanks to hair-friendly pigments and an extremely adhesive resin that sets the colour and makes it last until the next wash. An exclusive formula full of precious strengthening and revitalizing active ingredients that keep hair looking healthy and beautiful. Quick and easy to use thanks to the special spray and ultralight texture that doesn't weigh down hair, leaving it soft and silky. The colour dries and sets in just a few seconds. Non-staining. Can be used on both wet and dry hair. 75 ml. FREE GIFT HIGHLIGHTING LONG-LASTING COLOUR SHAMPOO 100 ML- Coloured and highlighted hair A specific shampoo which gently cleanses the hair without altering the colour and hydrolipidic balance. Perfect for washing and caring for even the most damaged, brittle hair, making it instantly softer, silkier and more radiant. Contains exclusive Colour System Multi-Protection® to protect, prolong and enhance hair colour, making it brighter and more intense.