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A single, limited edition set containing ANTI-AGE CLEANSING MILK FACE-EYES 400 ml plus free ANTI-AGE TONING LOTION 200 ml._x000D_ ANTI-AGE CLEANSING MILK FACE·EYES with hyaluronic acid and vitamins Especially formulated for the most demanding skin types, this cleansing milk is a true beauty treatment for the face. It combines the efficacy of an exclusive mix of active ingredients with the delicacy of innovative plant-based substances, which perfectly remove impurities and make-up from the face and eyes. Its extremely rich formula contains exclusive natural tensioactives extracted from palm oil, which cleanse the skin while making it smooth and elastic, as well as Vitamins A, E and B5, hyaluronic acid, Escine and shea butter, which perform an effective nourishing and anti-age action. Maxi Size Bottle 400 ml._x000D_ + FREE ANTI-AGE TONING LOTION with hyaluronic acid and green tea extractA real vitality boost that gives an immediate sensation of freshness and wellbeing to the skin. The formula features an expertly-balanced combination of plant extracts, vitamins, green tea and hyaluronic acid, which moisturise, freshen and soften even the most delicate skin types while performing an effective anti-age action. The result is a face that is not only perfectly toned but also extraordinarily fresh, bright and velvety. An essential complement to cleansing, it can also be used as a face pack. 200 ml Bottle.