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free Deep moisturizing cream 25 ml

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The perfect companion for your moisturizing beauty routine. A precious foundation-treatment that evens the complexion, brightens it, and - thanks to a formula packed with hydrating and antioxidant active ingredients - quenches the skin's thirst with a wave of moisturization and vitality. Impeccable make-up Light and fluid, it blends gently into the skin, leaving your face radiant and perfect. Its special formula of oil in water provides blendable coverage and gives an instant feeling of freshness, suppleness and wellbeing. The complexion appears instantly bright and smooth and imperfections and _ne lines are concealed. Natural brightness Micronized pigments capture and reflect light, giving an extraordinary natural result. Perfect moisturization for up to 24 hours thanks to the exclusive Idro-Attiva Complex that plumps the skin and provides it with instant, long-lasting hydration. The formula is enriched with a regenerating, antioxidant and detoxing peony extract. Selected UV-A and UV-B filters combat photo-aging. Suitable for all skin types. + YOUR GIFT Deep Moisturizing Cream 25 ml